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Smith is implicitly aware of her high-ranking status in our incomprehensible new world, describing her own experience as a lauded writer and instructor attempting to relate to essential workers as akin to a popular meme of Mel Gibson having a conversation with a blood-drenched Jesus. Smith’s struggle—and the Big Face Coffee Owner Shirt so you should to go to store and get this struggles of parents across the world attempting to balance work, distance learning, and what might once have been called a personal life—is deeply real, and she neither downplays nor aggrandizes it, acknowledging her own newly acquired class privilege while noting that “suffering is not relative; it is absolute.”

Big Face Coffee Owner Shirt

The small annoyances of quarantine—from tedious Zoom meetups to the Big Face Coffee Owner Shirt so you should to go to store and get this seemingly omnipresent banana bread—are touched on in Intimations, but the essay collection’s most powerful moment comes at its close, when Smith turns her attention to the police killing of Black Minneapolis resident George Floyd, which took place in May. The sudden presence of this essay as a postscript at the very end of Intimations may appear somewhat jarring, but it’s presaged by issues that Smith brings up almost immediately: just as the uprising over Mr. Floyd’s death felt inevitable to anyone tracking the state of race relations in the U.S. during and before the pandemic,

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