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so does Smith’s reflection on said uprising feel perfectly germane when you recall her earlier statement that “untimely death has rarely been random in the D Goalie Shirt in other words I will buy this United States.… For millions of Americans, it’s always been a war.”

D Goalie Shirt

Titled “Contempt as a Virus,” Smith’s essay skillfully and effectively relates the D Goalie Shirt in other words I will buy this virus currently plaguing America to the one that has killed and brutalized scores of Black people since the country’s founding: structural racism. “I used to think that there would one day be a vaccine: that if enough Black people named the virus, explained it, demonstrated how it operates, videoed its effects…I thought if that knowledge became as widespread as could possibly be managed or imagined that we might finally reach some kind of herd immunity. I don’t think that anymore,” Smith concludes, devastatingly. It’s worth reading the paragraph in full,

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