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But offscreen she was probably best known for her decades-long feud with her sister, the Jb King II Shirt and by the same token and fellow actress Joan Fontaine. Though de Havilland never spoke directly about the rivalry, many reports suggest it started in childhood—when the two were often rivals for their parents’ affection—and came to a head in 1942, when both women were nominated for best actress, Olivia for Hold Back the Dawn and Joan for Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion—marking the first time that a pair of siblings had competed against each other in the same category at the Academy Awards. Back then, the Oscars were handed out over dinner, and the two were seated together.

Jb King II Shirt

When Joan’s name was called, she recalled in her memoir that she froze: “I stared across the Jb King II Shirt and by the same token and table, where Olivia was sitting directly opposite me. ‘Get up there, get up there,’ Olivia whispered commandingly. Now what had I done? All the animus we’d felt toward each other as children, the hair pullings, the savage wrestling matches, the time Olivia fractured my collarbone, all came rushing back in kaleidoscopic imagery. My paralysis was total.” When Joan’s memoir, No Bed of Roses, was published in 1978, Olivia reportedly said it should have been titled No Shred of Truth.)

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