Bible study shirt

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After building your canvas, you can further enhance your complexion by shading and highlighting. A swipe of tawny bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks will add warmth and definition to the face, while blending a fresh highlighter on the highs of the Bible study shirt temples will attract light for a lit-from-within effect. Last up? After exfoliating with a lip scrub to supply moisture and buff away flakes, Philips suggests applying a rich, clear lip balm like Dior’s new “not too shiny, not too matte” Rouge Satin balm for a “little touch of glow.” And remember to keep up your skin-care regimen for both a smooth canvas and cumulative results, because as Philips puts it: “Makeup is just a cover up if you don’t do the whole routine.”

Bible study shirt

Buy this shirt:  Bible study shirt

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