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The first trailer opens with a long scene involving Rey and then reeling in a series of brilliant images.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Kylo Ren’s helmet being built, with a new red design added. However, this also gives a glimpse of the monkey-like creature, some people are calling ‘The Imposter’.
What makes a great villain? Unrivaled strength no one could match with a terrifying appearance? Perhaps, but only partially correct. An impressive cruel ideal that even the people of the opposite faction must ponder? Noteworthy, but not necessarily enough. After all, an interesting villain, a villain can become great, not really from the beginning he was evil, but what about a character, from the position expected to be a great hero? , a man who is worthy of an ancient prophecy, eventually falls back, becomes a villain, becomes a man hated by the whole galaxy, would it be much better, right? And Anakin Skywalker, as such an evil person, from a Chosen One who was expected to bring balance to the Force, he fell, fell into the depths of despair, and was reborn again. Darth Vader, the great Sith Lord.



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