Dem Goons from Dade County shirt

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Dem Goons from Dade County shirt

While the Dem Goons from Dade County shirt treatment has long been a mainstay of athletes to aid muscle recovery after intense workouts, it has been gaining traction over the past year in broader wellness circles thanks to its anti-inflammatory and energy-boosting benefits. (It even earned a seal of approval from the grande dame of unconventional beauty treatments herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, who spotlighted polar plunges in an episode of her Netflix show The Goop Lab.) For Gaga’s post, however, she went down a typically rockstar route. Sporting a face mask, she held up her hands in the Gene Simmons devil horns gesture, while hashtagging the VMAs in her caption. So mark your calendars: if her pre-show rituals are anything to go by, on Sunday we’re in for Gaga’s biggest, boldest performance yet.


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