Filipino Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Of course finding ways to take care of oneself in the Filipino Ugly Christmas Sweater  midst of a pandemic is not without its struggles. “It’s been a strange time,” admits Chan, who spent the first months of lockdown stationed at home in London, a stark contrast from her life pre-COVID when she would trot around the globe for shoots and premieres alike. “I think what helped was trying to find some sort of structure to the day,” she notes before adding: “I say that, but I don’t always manage to achieve it!” Nevertheless, when she is able to carve out her own space, she begins her mornings with a 10-15 minute set of sun salutations and Pilates-based core work, and dives into escapist books, such as Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Richard Powers’s The Overstory. “Finding books to read that take you out of the present moment and give you a different perspective on things has been such an escape,” she says.

Filipino Ugly Christmas Sweater

Buy this shirt:  Filipino Ugly Christmas Sweater

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