I googled my symptoms turned out I just need more tractors shirt

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My husband is a soldier, we’ve been married for 3 years now. If you don’t know, every summer and winter around July 4th and December 20-something and the first few days of January he gets to take about 2 weeks off. Since we moved in together we have gone ‘home’ 5 times. It’s a very long drive, anywhere from 19–24 hours depending on traffic. My parents are the only people from where we grew up who regularly visit although my sister and cousin both came down when we first moved in to visit and to bring some of our stuff down and his very disabled father also visited once, his aunt was going to visit, but Covid kind of postponed that. That being said, no one else has visited us or even suggested that they want to; “it’s too far of a drive” or “it’s soo much money”. As if we don’t know, we are the ones who have done it five times and it usually costs us $1000–$1500 between gas and for whatever reason EVERYONE wants to go out to eat, I don’t think they realize that we aren’t going out to eat with just them, but with a dozen other people, that bill adds up quickly.

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