Grosse pointe antifa sweater

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Unisex Sweatshirt front

Bettter is Pelipas to the core. Suit jackets are just the Grosse pointe antifa sweater right amount oversized and the pants are perfectly slouchy, all with a sharp dose of exquisite tailoring. Everything hangs and fits just so. (The styling of the lookbook is also very Pelipas in her signature high-meets-low aesthetic: Oversized jackets are placed over graphic T-shirts and trousers are paired with sneakers.) Each style is named after a well-suited icon. A boxy thigh-grazing gray suit jacket is titled Fran after Fran Leibowitz; a black jacket with a square cutout in the back is Rogers for the architects Richard and Su Rogers (who are also a couple). Pelipas first had the idea a few years ago but struggled to justify putting it out into the world. “We produced too much, we consumed too much, we were never 100% happy with the outcome because of those never-ending marketing stimulations. It reminded me of the ouroboros,” says Pelipas. “It’s only now that people are starting to think about what they buy.”


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