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Kochanowski You won’t know till you try it,if nothing else introduce it gradually or just go on killing each other,a sad state of affairs !Lol americans are so driven by fear that their argument against dying at the Official Don’t Be A Twatwaffle Shirt hands of active shooters is we would kill eachother via civil war anywaySuda Kamasuda-Sudio Buda Correct if it wasn’t such a tragic theory it would seem funny !!Peter Sharman as they say, “guns don’t kill people, fearful paranoid Americans with guns do.”Gun legislation needs to happen, this can no longer be normalized. It’s not normal in other civilized countries. Which speaks volumes about how civilized the US actually is…..Shima Bhamra Shima ,I like your self think what is happening is dreadful but nothing will be done.It has put me off ever visiting US!John Robertson It’s ok, I live in the US.

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Just need to stay away from certain places and people Matthew Pence Yes, guns, knives and all modes of transportation kill and maim. Personally, I feel that acid attacks are so much worse, excruciatingly painful and scarred for life. All of these cause mental and physical anguish which can last a lifetime unfortunately.Shima Bhamra it’s not normalized. People throw parties all the Official Don’t Be A Twatwaffle Shirt time, it’s only the ones who are “bout that life” that feel that they need to shoot the place up.Matthew Thomas Sure go ahead, statistics show that your more likely to die by gun violence if you own a gun, good luck with that !!Wait, some whack job shoots someone in a country with relaxed gun laws and now a corporation is taking responsibility? What timeline is this?So the world air bnb needs suffer yet again for the americans actions with guns.

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