Hated and loving it shirt

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Containing just six simple ingredients, this tried-and-true cream, which turns 30 this year, is beloved by everyone from Kate Hudson to makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, who has been known to dab it onto models’ eyelids and cheekbones for an extra glow. Open the Hated and loving it shirt bag of any It girl and chances are you’ll find a tube of Glossier’s conditioning, cruelty-free Balm Dotcom, which is offered in nine scents including fig, mint, and a transportive coconut that conjures an island escape.Slather Pai Skincare’s soothing buriti and kukui oil-laced formula across lips and limbs alike for long-lasting (grease-free!) comfort and relief. Made from a 100-year-old family recipe, Lucas’ Papaw ointment contains pure Australian papaya that’s helped this humble skin-care savior earn cult status. Rest assured: a little goes a long way.

Hated and loving it shirt

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