Hnkshirt- Hello Joe Biden Wins Bye Don 46th President Elect Kamala Shirt

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Which put me in a tricky spot, furniture-wise. Any new space requires some additional stuff—maybe an old couch doesn’t fit, or there’s an alcove perfect for a work-from-home desk. I didn’t want to buy any investment pieces, yet, aware of the Hello Joe Biden Wins Bye Don 46th President Elect Kamala Shirt in other words I will buy this environmental impact of the fast furniture market, something cheap I might throw out three months later seemed wasteful. The solution? Renting.The video also had two guest stars: Harry and Meghan’s dog. Their Beagle, Guy, and black Labrador, Pula, wandered into the shot. “Hi, honey. Come here,” the Duchess cooed at her pets. Steinem then joked: “He wants to be on camera.” Steinem also welcomed Markle back to California—she and Prince Harry recently purchased a home in Santa Barbara, where this video was presumably filmed. “I’m so glad that you’re home!” Steinem said, to which Meghan replied: “Me too. For so many reasons.”

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