Hotmerchpremium – Turkey Baseball Thanksgiving 2020 shirt

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Fecal Matter’s images are often tinkered with in Photoshop. Their couture “skin heels,” for instance, were originally a digitally rendered idea. “We’ve been doing things online for so long, and now that that’s the new normal for the Hotmerchpremium – Turkey Baseball Thanksgiving 2020 shirt fashion industry,” says Bhaskaran. “No one’s really going to stores, no one’s really doing all of that, and there’s no parties, there’s no events really to go to. What there is, is so much access to whatever is available digitally. We were already so based virtually, it was such an easy transition into this whole time frame that I think that we kind of did have a little bit of an upper hand. Consumers already trusted that we knew what we were doing.” They are releasing the collection on Depop.


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