I’m claustrophobic Darren Christmas sweater

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Men's T-Shirt front

To ensure this, Horton enlisted the talents of designers with a personal connection to the project. “I’m excited that we were able to empower two designers during this process, one who is a seated body user who uses a wheelchair and the other whose father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,” she says. “They understood the challenges of limited mobility and dexterity. We wanted it so the designers themselves could weigh in on what is missing in the I’m claustrophobic Darren Christmas sweater industry.” After some long conversations, the group settled on a list of core items that felt essential: pants and jeans that were comfortable for seated wearers, all-occasion dresses, and a piece made especially for caregivers. Created to address the needs of people who can’t dress themselves, it has access points that make the job of putting on and removing clothing easier for those caring for them. Each item underwent special testing to ensure its ease of use and durability. “There are lots of different checkpoints that we had to go off to ensure that we were designing correctly,” explains Horton. “The seated body pants were tested repeatedly due to the rise when you’re in a wheelchair. The back is very different from [ordinary trousers]. The seams have to be taken into consideration because they can become irritants if you’re sitting all day. We made sure there was a flat seam so that there wouldn’t be any problems; we put vents in towards the bottom of the legs to make it easier to get into and out of them.”


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