I’ve been living in a k.hole shirt

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I've been living in a k.hole shirt

In the ’80s, Bonet played up her natural texture, framing her enviably-pronounced bone structure with coiled bangs and halo of voluminous ringlets. And instead of defaulting to the de facto vivid makeup of the I’ve been living in a k.hole shirt time, she was a precursor of the no-makeup makeup look with a totally bare face and brows brushed up to feral effect. Easing into the ’90s, and her high profile relationship with rocker Lenny Kravitz, she wore waist-length dreads and embraced the decade’s moody milieu with nude lips and lids swathed in dark jewel tones, such as violet and burgundy. And from the early aughts through today, she’s complemented her proclivity for dark, romantic silhouettes with flicks of eyeliner and cheekbone-defining swirls of bronzer. But while Bonet loves to experiment with her look—a trait she’s passed down to her doppelgänger daughter Zoë Kravitz—her enduring beauty will always be anchored by her preternatural, age-defying glow and cascading lengths. Here, a look back at how her iconic insouciant beauty has evolved over the years.


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