King Von Merch GBG get back gang shirt

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Knight knows a thing or two about going the distance. A presence in the  music industry for 12 years, he’s been pushing artists towards their full potential since he was 19 years old. After moving to L.A. from Atlanta in 2008, he threw himself into workshops and began honing his craft. Eventually, his talents caught the eye of Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams and choreographer Frank Gatson Jr., who were in search of dancers for Williams’s Unexpected album. Knight quickly moved from the background to become an assistant choreographer and eventually lead during the record’s promotional tour, an early break that would eventually introduce him to Beyoncé. For Knight, each experience along the way—from being a member of his high school’s band to starting his own dance team—led him to where he is today. “Everything I did back in the day eventually became a skill that I use daily,” he says. “Being a musician, leading a group of people, it’s all part of the job.” In addition to dance, Knight handles all aspects of a performance, from its look to how the music is arranged. “I work hand in hand with the music director, create the concepts, make sure the video edits are right,” he says of his multifaceted work behind the scenes. “Everything is aligned.”

King Von Merch GBG get back gang shirt

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