National Championship Miami 2021 Alabama Crimson Tide hoodie

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Unisex Hoodie front

In a way, the National Championship Miami 2021 Alabama Crimson Tide hoodie collective anger, grief, anxiety, and fear COVID has stoked within us has somewhat normalized these ancient rage rituals, which are enjoying something of a comeback. Right before the holidays, The New York Times created a Primal Scream Line, inviting those needing an outlet for the bubbling angst that has nowhere to go—specifically parents multitasking work and full-time child care—to call the hotline and yell, laugh, cry, or vent for a solid minute. Although not a parent myself, the seasoned screamer in me took the opportunity to call three times to release the frenetic anxiety I was feeling about the holidays. The first dial was more of a warm-up, where I let out a vanilla roar that lasted only 30 seconds. But once I trusted that the floor was mine, as the hotline promises, I let it rip on call number two, where my audible agita took shape as grunts and ultimately transformed into hysterical laughter; on a third call I conferenced in my mother and we screamed together.


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