Shakira Akira shirt

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Shakira Akira shirt

We’re living through a cultural moment that is distinctly deprived of good news, which may help explain why I yelped and almost spilled my coffee upon hearing the Shakira Akira shirt What’s more,I will buy this news this weekend that the cult-favorite animated series Tuca & Bertie would be returning for a second season on Adult Swim after being abruptly canceled by Netflix last year. I was primarily excited about Tuca & Bertie’s return because, well, the show is just so solid: The chemistry between talkative toucan Tuca (Tiffany Haddish) and nervous songbird Bertie (Ali Wong) is rivaled only by the riotously colorful. (Lisa Hanawalt as the production designer and producer on that show; she is the creator and showrunner for Tuca & Bertie.) On Tuca & Bertie, voluptuous houseplants clad only in jean shorts share the screen with feral jaguars who feast on dumplings, but all of that is just a backdrop to one of the most naturalistic depictions of female friendship I’ve ever seen on TV.


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