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To address the complicated realities of treatment, Saffran and Parks teamed up with several insurance partners and are working to secure contracts with Medicaid plans and other carriers. Equip also offers a sliding scale for services, although families are likely to receive a year’s worth of treatment for the same cost as just one month in a residential facility if they were to pay out of pocket.

Algorithm Heuristic Machine Learning Shirt

To navigate the nonfinancial complexities of treatment, Parks and Saffran have developed what they consider “super-charged FBT”: In addition to incorporating family members, their treatment protocol involves a five-person care team for each patient, including a peer mentor (someone who has recovered from an eating disorder) and a family mentor (someone who has helped their loved one through an eating disorder). The program is customized to include weekly sessions with each member of the care team as well as unlimited check-ins in between sessions to address questions or difficult experiences that arise. “We expect most families to do intensive work during the first four months of treatment for symptom-reduction and weight-restoration goals, followed by a second phase of eight months of treatment dedicated to relapse prevention and skill development,” Saffran says.

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Maris Degener, whose eating-disorder experience and recovery was chronicled in the documentary film I Am Maris, serves as Equip’s lead peer mentor. “As a teenager, I was privileged and lucky enough to have quick access to treatment after being diagnosed,” she says. “I’ve been passionate about sharing my story and spreading the word that there is hope for recovery ever since, and it has always been front of mind for me that not everyone has access to quality treatment like I did.”

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