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She’s able to find time a little later and uses the license info to get in touch with the lady and come to find out the lady didn’t even realize she had lost it till Jackie the shift manager called her. A little while later the lady shows up and after babbling on about being at a fundraiser with friends and winning a raffle or something stopped for food and inadvertently thrown her purse away. So I did the right thing and got rewarded with a hug from a pretty lady with big tits in a low cut top. So a win for a horny teenage boy there. And she also gave me $40 for returning her purse. So another win there. Then I go home and tell mom and she’s happy and proud I did the right thing. So another win there.

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So we decide to take the hits of acid we had and do some coke and get on the bus. Once on the bus there was a girl who took your $20 for a ticket to get in and it included one plastic army man as a free drink voucher and if you wanted to drink you had to buy more army men from her now because its illegal to sell alcohol without a license. Well we buy some extra army men and the bus is full of clubbers of all types and we went in and had a great time tripping on acid and about 5:30 am there was no more alcohol and there was no more music but lots of people still mingling and whatever, then we realize we should catch that bus for the last ride and we did and as we were driving away we see about five cop cars going to the warehouse to shut it down.

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