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The Snoopy Stay at home sleeping Food Wifi T-shirt famous beetle of the Peanuts universe, who adorned the boarding walls of my boarding school – shared space with Dennis posters and the threat of Wwe. Every morning, the kids will flock to the penultimate pages of the English daily newspaper and there – write love letters on top of his dog’s house, type a great American novel or play one of the his great copies, Joe Cool with equal flair. Yes, snoopy is a beagle!

Snoopy Stay at home sleeping Food Wifi T-tank top, long sleeve

Snoopy was created to have human attributes, through anthropomorphism, and that’s why we can hardly recognize what kind of dog he is. But if you’re still in doubt, let ‘s Glimps his personality and you’ll see why he’s a beetle. Don Tiet will be surprised if you find your little fur ball at the Snoopy Stay at home sleeping Food Wifi T-shirt top of the dog house. They love to explore and like in cartoons, they are smart and vivacious dogs.


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Snoopy Stay at home sleeping Food Wifi T-shirt


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