Yoneshirt – Official Baby Yoda Hug Indiana Pacers Shirt

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I’m obviously sad that Milan won’t be hosting men’s fashion shows in June—after all these years in the Official Baby Yoda Hug Indiana Pacers Shirt and by the same token and industry, I still enjoy the buzz and the excitement a good Fashion Week can provide. As we’re exclusively producing in Italy, we’re obviously at an advantage—hopefully factories will be reopened after Easter; we’re all keeping our fingers crossed. We know that the only way to sell collections will be digital, so we’ll have to make an effort and do it in the most effective and engaging way possible—not easy, I think, as digital tools are rather limited and we cannot expect hyperbolic results. Our MSGM way will have to be spontaneous and fresh; perhaps I’ll be personally engaged in digitally presenting the collections, even writing orders directly with buyers in the showroom. I’d like to be even more involved than I usually am.

Official Baby Yoda Hug Indiana Pacers Shirt

The collections we’ll be presenting in June will have a more democratic, affordable, and conscious approach, while in September it’ll be more experimental, more connected to art and our friends. Three weeks ago, at the Official Baby Yoda Hug Indiana Pacers Shirt and by the same token and beginning of the lockdown, we launched on Instagram and Spotify a sort of trans-media project, calling all our quarantined friends to participate and expressing their artistic work through these channels. We’ve worked with the Posternak twins from New York and with Serra Duran and Emirhan Parali in Istanbul; we’ll organize a virtual tour of Berlin’s König Gallery. Our artist friend Nicola Gobbetto was supposed to have his exhibition’s opening the very first day of the lockdown—so we hosted the opening digitally. Even in this awful situation, our e-commerce hasn’t stopped, thank goodness. But Sunnei is a project beyond fashion—we’ve taken it in our stride. We’ve made sure that our team and our parents are safe and now we’re free to think.

Official Baby Yoda Hug Indiana Pacers Shirt hoodie

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